Student Responsibilities

  •  Maintain high level of attendance and performance at both the school and the work site

  • Maintain satisfactory grades and be in good standing with local high school Consult Work-Based Learning coordinator or supervising teacher, as well as the employer, about any concerns or problems

  • Attend work site according to the Internship Agreement

  • Use transportation approved and/or provided by parent

  • Dress appropriately for the work site, including all appropriate safety clothing and equipment

  • Demonstrate honesty, punctuality, cooperative attitude, proper grooming and dress and willingness to learn

  • Conform to rules, regulations, and safety standards of the training site and maintain confidentiality

  • Complete required assignments and furnish necessary information, reports and time sheets

  • Notify employer/supervisor and Work-Based Learning coordinator prior to absences

Parent Responsibilities

  • Approve and support the student's participation in the internship

  • Provide or arrange for transportation

  • Discuss internship experiences with student

Work Based Learning Counselor Responsibilities

  • Serve as coordinator to all parties involved in the internship

  • Issue grade and credit for successful completion of requirements

  • Insure all written work and forms are complete and received

  • Conduct monthly training site visits and/or work site contacts

  • Assist student in achieving educational goals as stated in the SEOP

  • Complete necessary paperwork and monitor student progress in cooperation with student and work site supervisor

  • Verify safety standards in the work place

  • Monitor student internship hours regularly, collect time cards at least monthly

  • Maintain open communication with student, parent and employer