Mountain Crest internships

The goal of the work-based learning internship program is to provide students with a comprehensive education while preparing them for an increasingly competitive job market. 
Work based-learning internships brings the workplace into the classroom and transforms the workplace into a place of learning. 



Step 1

Meet with your school counselor

Meet with your counselor to determine eligibility and availability.  Once you have met with your counselor follow the steps below to begin.

Step 2

Complete Workshops

Complete the required training's through your Work-Based Learning Counselor and/or Department of Workforce Services.

Track your progress

Step 3

Interview with employer

To search and apply for internships go to Department of Workforce Services.
Type in keyword: #cvinternships
Check “Only Internship and Apprenticeship Opportunities”
Click Search

Step 4

Track your progress

Notify your school counselor to add the class to your schedule
You will  be responsible for: