Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Can you tell me exactly what I need to turn in during the semester?
A: Application to your counselor, Online Essay, Complete both workshops, 4 time cards w/ journal entries, final project & employer evaluation. 

Q: If I already did an internship last semester, do I have to fill out an application again?
A: Yes, if you have completed the workshops previously, you will still need to apply again, turn in your updated resume to our workshop and complete a mock interview prior to doing another internship. 

Q: Is the internship during school hours or after school hours?
A: Internship is during school hours and used as a class credit. You must be able to have two class periods together or the same hour on both A day and B day. 

Q: How many hours is the internship?
 A:  46 hours minimum in a semester. This includes your time spent in the workshops. 

Q: Is this a paid or unpaid internship?
 A: In general, this is an unpaid internship used for school credit and to develop professional job skills in your chosen field. 

Q: I already have a job, so can I do an internship?
A: Yes. In many cases, we can negotiate with your employer to provide and upgrade of job duties to enhance your CTE pathway professional development. You may begin your internship with the employer but will still be required to complete the professional development workshops during the semester to pass the internship. 

Q: How old do I have to be?
A: In most cases, you must be at least 16. However, there are certain businesses that require you are 18 years old by the first day of the internship. These are mostly within the medical and mechanical industry. We can provide you with individual requirements as you prepare for your internship. 

Q: Can I have my parent or guardian deliver my resume?
A: No, you are responsible for contacting and the follow through with the employer. 

Q: Do I need to have transportation?
A: Yes. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation to and from the internship site. 

Q: How should I dress for the interview?
A: In general, you should dress one step above the position you are applying for when dropping off resume and interviewing.

Q: How do I follow up?
A: If you have not heard back within one week, we recommend you call the point of contact to set up the interview. (This will be covered in more depth during the workshop). 

Q: When do the workshops take place?
A: Each workshop will be taught after school hours at the Department of Workforce Services. You can see the workshop times in the calendar section. 

Q: Now that I have the internship offer, what is the next step?
A: Meet with your school counselor to add the internship to your schedule and start the necessary paper work, then connect with the employer.

Q: How long will the internship last?
A: The length of one semester.