Internship Course Information


Logan and Cache Internships was developed to help students investigate career choices and participate in on-site career training, and to help with successful transitions from school to careers and/or further education. To see the options listed on Utah’s CTE Career PATHWAYS click here.

The internship program depends on a partnership relationship between the student, the school, and the community. Student interns directly affect these partnerships, and expectations are set high so that relationships are enhanced.

Internship Program Goals

  • Provide opportunities for students to further investigate career choices they would like to pursue (job shadows may be utilized for the initial stages of career exploration).

  • Demonstrate the link between high school education and future careers.

  • Enable students to develop critical skills and be workforce ready upon completion of formal education/training. Internships provide a “hands-on” or observatory experience that effectively teaches the use of these skills.

  • Motivate and challenge students to excel in their studies and become responsible, reliable individuals.

  • Connect students with potential employers and organizations in their selected field of study.

Internship Specifics


The internship program is implemented as if a student were applying for a job. The program demands that students show initiative, follow through, and a high level of professional behavior. When considering whether to apply, the student should keep in mind that:

  • The internship is linked to a related CTE class in his/her schedule. It is the practical application of that curriculum.

  • The internship is in a career field related to the student’s CCRP (College and Career Readiness Plan).

  • The internship class awards .50 credits per semester. Class will be pass/fail.

  • Internships are usually unpaid.

  • Fall semester applications are due at the end of 4th quarter of previous school year.

  • Spring Semester applications due before the end of 1st quarter of current school year.


The Internship Process


Step 1

Meet with your counselor to determine eligibility and availability. Then fill out an internship application and submit it through the website on step 1.

Step 2

Complete the necessary training's through your Work-Based Learning Counselor and Department of Workforce Services.

  • Workplace Skills Essay (Online)

  • Workshop 1 (In class or at DWS)

  • Workshop 2 (In class or at DWS)

Step 3

After you have successfully completed all of step 2 you will work with the Department of Workforce Services to search and apply for internships. You may look at the internships available at any time but you cannot be accepted by an employer until you have received your certificate by completing both Workshop 1 and Workshop 2.

Step 4

Once you have been offered the internship, notify your school counselor to add the class to your schedule.
You will be responsible for: 

  • Training agreement form. (located on STEP 3)

  • Time Cards (located on STEP 4 or under the STUDENT dropdown menu)

  • Final Project.

  • Employer Evaluation. (located on STEP 4)